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We welcome submissions from contributors with unique, informative and interesting perspectives on fixed income investing. Contributions must adhere to editorial guidelines for objective, non-commercial writing. Submission of a contribution is no guarantee of publication.

Content Guidelines

  • We prefer original content, but will accept a limited number of previously published articles. Content must also be informative, helpful and offer new insights on fixed topics of interest (see next section).
  • All statements of fact must be accompanied with credible and clearly identifiable references to source material.
  • There should be no promotion of a product or service.
  • Sub-headings must be descriptive and include keywords so that readers can skim the article and still have an idea of what it’s about.
  • Contributions should be a minimum of 600 words.


Contributors are asked to submit a headshot (300×300 pixels, 150dpi) and a short (75 words) biography with their contribution. Relevant images, tables, graphs and inforgraphics may also be contributed. Please ensure these are a minimum of 750pixels (150dpi).

Topics of Interest

We’re particularly interested in educational articles that address the questions and concerns of non professional investors in fixed income. It is fine to use jargon, as long as it is explained but please refrain from overly technical explanations. Topics of interest include:

  • Fixed income asset class – Government and Corporate Bonds
  • Hybrids
  • Deposits
  • Fixed Income ETFs
  • Fixed Income Managed Funds
  • Fixed Income Investment Strategies
  • New products or bond issues
  • Credit ratings
  • Market and interest rate expectations


We reserve the right to:

  • Edit your post for consistency and regulatory compliance
  • Remove non-relevant or affiliate links
  • Insert links wherever applicable, including our own


Any submission about financial products and services must comply with Australian law, including Financial Service and Credit licensing requirements and the Australian Competition and Consumer Law.

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    About FINA

    Fixed Income News Australia (FINA) is Australia’s only dedicated free source of news, views and information for personal investors in fixed income. Our mission is to provide greater understanding about the important role of fixed income in a diverse, sustainable investment portfolio.

    Our Audience

    Our goal is to be the leading source of news, views and information on fixed income investing for non-professional investors. FINA’s target audience includes:

    • High Net Worth individuals
    • Self-funded retirees
    • SMSF managers/trustees
    • Private wealth managers (accountants and financial planners)
    • FI industry professionals

    The level of sophistication and understanding within this audience varies greatly. However, it is advisable to adopt simple, clear and concise language that assumes the reader has only limited understanding of fixed income and their investment options.


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