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Most high performing investment portfolios include some allocation towards government and corporate bonds. Just like equities, investors can choose from a variety of different bond investments, each with their own level of risk and return (yield). Fixed Income News Australia has teamed up with leading bond broker BondIncome to create three sample portfolios to demonstrate the different type of investments available and the yields from each portfolio.

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The Yield to Maturity of a portfolio is the expected return if you hold all the bonds until the maturity date and the Running Yield represents represents the return of the portfolio if you hold it for a year (calculated by dividing the coupon or distribution by the market price).


Most bonds are traded through the over-the-counter market (OTC), that means you need to find a broker to transact on your behalf and to discover last known traded prices. It is a negotiated market where traders talk to each other and broker trades.

In Australia, the minimum OTC bond parcel size is $500,000, but some brokers will trade in smaller parcels to appeal to personal investors. Parcels begin at $10,000 per bond and there is also often a minimum investment amount. In most cases investors need to qualify as ‘wholesale investors’ to transact in this market.

Portfolio 1: High-Quality Investment Grade Bond Portfolio

Yield to Maturity: 2.088%
Running Yield: 2.461%

IssuerCredit RatingCouponCall DateMaturity Date
Treasury Corporation of VictoriaAA2.2520-11-2034
Aurizon FinanceBBB+3.0009-12-202709-03-2028
NSW Treasury CorpAA+2.0020-03-2031
Dexus FinanceA-3.0003-11-203103-02-2032
Australian GovernmentAAA2.5021-05-2030
Note: All bonds are fixed rate. Yields quoted are subject to change but accurate as at 13 April 2021.

Portfolio 2: Investment Grade Corporate Bond Portfolio

Yield to Maturity: 3.232%
Running Yield: 3.466%

IssuerCredit RatingPayment RankCoupon TypeCouponCall DateMaturity Date
Lend Lease FinanceBBB-Senior UnsecuredFixed3.7031-12-203031-03-2031
Liberty FinancialBBB-Senior UnsecuredFloating3 month BBSW + 2.4517-03-2025
AmpolBaa3SubordinatedFloating3 month BBSW + 3.6009-03-202609-12-2080
Brisbane Airport CorporationBBBSecuredFixed4.5001-10-203030-12-2030
Pacific National FinanceBBB-Senior UnsecuredFixed3.7024-06-202924-09-2029

Portfolio 3: High Yield Portfolio

Yield to Maturity: 6.040%
Running Yield: 5.187%

IssuerCredit RatingPayment RankCoupon TypeCouponCall DateMaturity Date
Lend Lease FinanceBBB-Senior UnsecuredFixed3.7031-12-203031-03-2031
MME Horizon Warehouse TrustNRSecuredFloating1 month BBSW +6.75020-12-202120-12-2022
AmpolBaa3SubordinatedFloating3 month BBSW + 3.6009-03-202609-12-2080
AU Pacific Mortgage FundNRSecuredFixed7.0015-07-202115-07-2022

Bond brokers that deal in smaller sized OTC bond parcels

CompanyDescriptionMin. InvestmentMin. Bond Parcel
abxlogoAustralian Bond ExchangeThe Australian Bond Exchange (ABE) is Australia’s pre-eminent marketplace for investing in fixed income securities. We offer better income, with less fees using the reliable and stable returns of corporate bonds for retiring and retired clients dissatisfied with risky or low returning investments.No Minimum$10,000
bondincomelogoBond IncomeFirst class fixed income and bonds expertise providing access and transparency to the corporate bonds market for wholesale investors (certified by their Accountants) and eligible Australian investors including Financial Advisers and investment policymakers.$50,000$50,000
curvelogoCurve SecuritiesCurve Securities are term deposit and fixed interest specialists. We have been creating opportunities that elevate our clients’ performance through innovation in fixed income solutions since 2009. Our portfolio of services includes term deposits, fixed interest securities, investment management, the Curve Portfolio Manager (a way to manage and report on your investments) and Yieldhub (an online platform displaying interest rates from over 80 banks).Access available through an adviserAccess available through an adviser
fiiglogoFIIG SecuritiesWe provide private investors, intermediaries and corporate market clients access to high quality fixed income investments and flexible AU$ bond financing.$250,000$10,000
fixedincomesollogoFixed Income SolutionsAt Fixed Income Solutions, we aim to provide the best expertise, pricing, liquidity and execution in the fixed income sector. Quality and efficiency lie at the heart of all we do. With our broad market coverage and global reach, we explore every opportunity to generate outstanding returns for our clients.$50,000$50,000
laminarlogoLaminarLaminar Capital is a client focused fixed income specialist providing capital markets, investment management and advisory services to institutional, middle market and high net worth clients.N/AN/A

ASX listed bonds

A range of approximately 30 Australian Commonwealth Government Bonds (ACGBs) can be traded via the ASX.

There is also a handful of corporate bonds available and a range of hybrids.


The XTB company aim to make the benefits of ‘high quality’ corporate bonds accessible to everyone on the ASX. They identify high quality senior corporate bonds in the wholesale market and provide investors with exposure to them through individual XTBs trading on ASX.

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