FIIG Selects Equity Trustees for Australian Bond Fund

FIIG Selects Equity Trustees for Australian Bond Fund

Fixed Income provider FIIG Securities has selected Equity Trustees to be the trustee of its new fund, the FIIG Australian Bond Fund.

Andrew Godfrey, Executive General Manager, Corporate and Superannuation Trustee Services, Equity Trustees said: ”We are delighted to be selected as trustee for the new Australian Bond Fund from FIIG and are focused on working with them in this continuously evolving fixed income asset class.”

The FIIG Australian Bond Fund aims to provide investors with capital stability and income through a portfolio of investment grade Australian fixed interest securities that include government and corporate bonds, mortgage-backed securities, asset-backed securities, cash, and enhanced cash instruments. The fund’s objective is to produce returns in excess of the Bloomberg AusBond Composite 0+Yr benchmark over three-year rolling periods.

Alex Welch, CEO of FIIG Securities said, “We are excited to be working with EQT to launch the FIIG Australian Bond Fund, which will provide investors with access to diversified fixed interest securities with the dual goal of protecting capital while also generating excess returns.

“Our active management process paired with our investment philosophy means that investors will gain exposure to a professionally managed, broad range of fixed income securities.”

​Established in 1998, FIIG currently manages $300m in individually managed accounts across four fixed income strategies and a further $5bn of funds under advice. FIIG’s sole focus on the fixed income asset class allows for a specialised approach to providing investors such as private clients, financial advisers, not-for-profit and institutions, with a targeted range of products that aim to provide stability and consistent income.

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“As the leading advocate of corporate bonds, our vision has been to pioneer an environment in Australia where the fixed income asset class is well understood and easily accessed, offering investors a diverse range of fixed income solutions. We believe our in-market expertise, track record, alongside the significant increase in yields and return opportunity in the bond asset class, makes the FIIG Australian Bond Fund a compelling proposition for investors,” Mr Welch said.

FIIG Australian Bond Fund

Target yield: 5.25%*
Averaged weighted credit quality: 100% investment grade
Minimum investment: $25K
Minimum additional investment: $1K
Fees: 0.58% pa

*The yield target indicated for the fund is provided as an indicator based on the portfolio composition and does not guarantee actual yield.