Find Out BondIncome’s Most Traded Bonds

Find Out BondIncome’s Most Traded Bonds

It’s not easy to get an understanding of individual bonds and how they are trading, so we welcome this brief article and table showing BondIncome’s most frequently traded bond issues in the week to 21 July 2021.

Key points to note about BondIncome’s most traded bonds:
  • Renewed selling of the Infrabuild Australia Issue following the 4 Corners (ABC) episode on Greensill Capital, GFG Alliance, and Sanjeev Gupta (owner of Infrabuild).
  • On the buy side, NBN 2.20% 16-Dec-30 was the most traded by volume as investors added a high grade (government-owned) credit to their portfolios.
  • In terms of high yield, the recent MoneyMe 8.25% 29-April-25 was the pick in AUD, while the Jervois 12.50% 20-Jul-26 was of most interest in USD.

For more information, see the BondIncome website.


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