US Private Credit Fund Launched for Aussie Retail Investors

US Private Credit Fund Launched for Aussie Retail Investors

La Trobe Financial has launched its La Trobe US Private Credit Fund to Australian retail investors through the availability of Class B Units.

The La Trobe US Private Credit Fund invests indirectly into a diversified portfolio comprised primarily of directly originated, senior secured first-lien loans provided to companies in the US middle market.

La Trobe said the product offers investors monthly income with a target distribution return of 8.50% per annum net of fees and expenses and before adjustments for FX rate fluctuations, quarterly liquidity access, with a minimum investment amount of $10,000.

The product invests into assets selected and managed by Morgan Stanley’s direct lending team in the U.S.

Last year La Trobe launched its US Private Credit strategy in Australia to wholesale investors.

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The company said, “Our La Trobe US Private Credit Fund provides Australian investors with the opportunity to participate in a generational investment thematic: supporting the rebuild of the U.S. middle market through a defensive portfolio of directly originated, senior secured loans provided to U.S. middle market companies.

“Already the world’s third largest economy and forming the backbone of the American economy, the U.S. middle market will be buttressed by the billions of dollars in public expenditure pledged through the Inflation Reduction Act, and the support of both major political parties to re-shore manufacturing and jobs to America.”

The La Trobe US Private Credit Fund is an Australian unit trust, registered as a managed investment scheme.

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