A History of Price Collection and How the CPI Has Been Measured

A History of Price Collection and How the CPI Has Been Measured

How the prices of goods and services have changed is not only an enduringly, topical conversation point, it offers a fascinating insight into society and the Australian economy. This article from the Australian Bureau of Statistics looks at how prices and their collection have changed over time to provide a measure of inflation for Australia.

With prices for various goods and services having been collected since 1901 in Australia we thought it useful to link to this article from the ABS discussing how the data on prices has been collected, what changes have been made to the CPI basket, and a discussion of how prices have changed in Australia over the last 50 years. In addition, innovations in measuring price changes are introduced.

Link to article: What changes in prices and their collection tell us about Australia

So, if your Macroeconomics 101 knowledge is a bit rusty, this is an interesting discussion of a very important element in the Australian economy.

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