iPartners Launches Bond Income Fund

iPartners Launches Bond Income Fund

iPartners Funds Management has announced the launch of the iPartners Bond Income Fund. Its investment strategy targets a diversified portfolio of largely investment grade public market debt securities.

The iPartners Bond Income Fund offers a floating rate with a targeted return of cash + 3-4% per annum. In the current economic climate, this translates to expected returns of 7.35-8.35% per annum, mitigating the volatility typically associated with fixed-rate bonds.

Key Benefits of the iPartners Bond Income Fund

  • Attractive Returns: Targeting RBA Cash + 3-4% p.a.

  • Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns: Focused on credit opportunities with promising returns.

  • Broad Access: Leveraging institutional relationships for a diverse bond range.

  • Stability and Quality: 80% of assets boast Investment Grade ratings.

  • Expert Management: Led by one of Australia’s largest and most experienced income fund management teams.

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The Fund allows unitholders to diversify their credit investments, offering peace of mind with 80% of the assets maintaining an Investment Grade rating. Under the leadership of Andrew Baume, a veteran with 39 years of experience in financial markets, the team is dedicated to delivering strong returns with reduced volatility.

The iPartners Bond Income Fund, with its mix of the best non-Investment Grade offerings, is set to be a significant contributor to portfolios over the medium to long term.

Travis Miller, CEO of iPartners Group, said: “The iPartners Bond Income Fund is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative and responsive investment solutions. We understand the challenges investors face and are proud to offer a product that not only meets but exceeds their needs in this dynamic market.”

Andrew Baume, Lead Portfolio Manager, said: “Our goal is to redefine bond investing. With our experienced team and strategic approach, we are confident that the iPartners Bond Income Fund will offer both stability and attractive returns to our investors.”